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We followed this guide to build the docker setup.

You can install the Fediverse pasture via

git clone
cd funfedidev/fediverse-pasture

Initialize the akkoma container via

mkdir volumes/akkoma/akkoma
docker compose --file akkoma.yml run akkoma /opt/scripts/

This wil take a bit of time as the akkoma repository is cloned and compiled. Also note that this script is not idempotent yet, so it can only be run once.

Then you can start akkoma with

docker compose --file akkoma.yml up


Property Value
name admin
email admin@akkoma
password password


The access token is currently set manually in work/ to generate the support tables.

Necessary patches

The user object needs to be patched, so usernames of the form admin@akkoma, where akkoma does not contain, do not yield a validation error.