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Hubzilla can be found here. A Docker installation is also available, which forms the basis for the configuration used in the Fediverse Pasture.

Hubzilla can federate via a number of different protocols. The configuration used here enables the “pubcrawl” plugin which implements ActivityPub.

Start Hubzilla via

docker compose -f hubzilla.yml up

When it’s ready it will print

fediverse-pasture-hubzilla-1     | Starting Apache

To log in, visit the instance and register using admin@hubzilla.pasture as your email address. This will create an admin user who can configure the instance. It’s strongly suggested that you use the username admin with password password, as shown in the table below. This is required for automatic generation of the support tables.

Email verification is turned off, so you can register normal users this way too.

Access Data

Property Value
Admin email admin@hubzilla.pasture
Username admin
Password password

Enabling ActivityPub

Hubzilla channels do not use ActivityPub by default. To federate with other applications in the pasture, a manual configuration step is needed to enable it. From the “hamburger” menu at the top right, choose “Apps”. Click on “Available Apps” at the left and “ActivityPub Protocol” will appear at the top of the list. Choose “Install” to enable it for this channel.

Enabling Logging

Debug logging can be enabled at http://hubzilla/admin/logs/.