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Adding a new application

Adding a new application to the support table involves two key steps

  1. Add it to the docker environment provided by the Fediverse pasture
  2. Tell the components used to build the support tables about it

We will be concerned with the second step

The configuration process

In order to let the tools know about the new application, one needs to add it to the following dictionary.

work.apps.app_name_to_coroutine = {'akkoma': akkoma_app, 'bovine': bovine_app, 'mastodon41': mastodon41_app, 'mastodon42': mastodon42_app, 'mastodon41af': mastodon41_af_app, 'mastodon42af': mastodon42_af_app, 'mitra': mitra_app, 'firefish': firefish_app, 'gotosocial': gotosocial_app, 'hubzilla': hubzilla_app, 'sharkey': sharkey_app} module-attribute

Used to lookup the coroutine to get the application object

The values in the dictionary are coroutines that return

Inspecting the file fediverse-pasture/work/work/ can be useful to understand what one has to do. For example adding an application supporting the Mastodon API is done by using the coroutine activity_for_mastodon.