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GoToSocial’s documentation is available here.

You can install the Fediverse pasture via

git clone
cd funfedidev/fediverse-pasture

Start GoToSocial via

docker compose --file gotosocial.yml up

Once the application has started correctly, you have to create a user via

docker compose --file gotosocial.yml exec\
    gotosocial /gotosocial/gotosocial admin account create\
    --username gts\
    --email gts@gotosocial.example\
    --password 'PaSs123$abc&*'\
    --protocol http

Access Data

Property Value
User handle gts@gotosocial
Email gts@gotosocial.example
Password PaSs123$abc&*

One can obtain an access token by first opening http://gotosocial/admin and logging in with the above credentials. The access token can then be found in the column access of the table tokens in the sqlite database in volumes/gotosocial/data/sqlite.db.


In order for GoToSocial to accept an activity, one needs to either mention the user, or be followed by the user. See the function shouldAcceptStatusable.