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One Actor Server

pasture_one_actor is meant as a simple application with exactly one actor, that can be used for other applications. The simplest use however to just capture all messages arriving at the inbox.

Getting started

You can install the Fediverse pasture via

git clone
cd funfedidev/fediverse-pasture

Then in your Fediverse Pasture installation, run

docker compose --file pasture.yml up pasture_one_actor

Now by opening http://localhost:2917 you can view the inbox content. One should note that the page will be infinitely loading, as new content is streamed to it.

If you now send a message to @actor@pasture_one_actor, you will see it show up in the inbox.

Using together with pasture_runner

First, we start the pasture_runner. The following command, will drop us to /bin/sh.

docker compose --file pasture.yml run pasture_runner

Then running ipython will drop us into a python command line. Then by running

from fediverse_pasture.one_actor import bovine_actor_and_actor_object
bovine_actor, actor = bovine_actor_and_actor_object("http://pasture_one_actor/")
await bovine_actor.init()
await bovine_actor.get('http://mastodon42web/users/hippo')

one can retrieve the profile form a mastodon server.